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Subject: Adult youth Ed could not say no 10davesexmad70hotmail.comAll disclaimers are in place and active as always.Ed could not say no 10.Joe knocked on the door at 5.45 ready and eager for what was ahead Ed opened
the door to let him in Joe`s hand went strait to Ed`s cock as he was women fucking younger hard
and naked.
Joe fell into Eds arms and there lips met in a deep passionate kiss then Ed
said "get undressed iv got your cloths ready.
Joe striped in record time he was also hard Ed said "first we will have to
get rid off your leg hair and the rest".
Ed led him up stairs and into the bedroom Vicki was sat at the dressing
table putting her make up on she was dressed like a cheap slut.
Joe nearly collapsed when he saw her and gasp for air with the shock he was
stood naked next to his naked brother in law.
Sat in front of him was his sister-in-law with a short skirt high heels low
cut top and lots of make up on she walked over to them both.Taking hold of both there cocks she started to wank them Joe looked at Ed petite young binaries as
Vicki knelt down and took Joes cock into her mouth.
He looked up at Ed as Vicki sucked him deep into her mouth till he had
climax and filled her mouth with his load.
When she cleaned his cock of all cum she stood lifted her skirt and showed
him her shaved cunt taking his hand and put it on it.
She said "if you do as your told tonight you can fuck and suck this"rubbing
her cunt into his hand she then led him into the bathroom.
It was 15minuets latter they came back Joe`s whole body was hairless she
then sat him on a stool and done his face up with young spread pussy
make up.
then she helped him dress in the cloths she had picked and last was his wig
she then led Joe down stairs.Ed was sat in his jogging suit ready to go when Joe and Vicki walked in he
whistled out loud "wow you look stunning they are going to love you" he
Joe started to be a little scared and ask who what where Vicki took his hand
and shoved it against her crutch then Ed`s.
Be a good little girl and you will have both later on then they all went out
to the car they both sat in the back while Ed drove to the park.
Once there they made strait to the toilets and shelter the young lad was
ther with 4 of his mates 2 from the last time and 2 new ones.
He went strait to Ed and ask who the new skirt was Ed told him to come in
the toilets after he had finished with Vicki.
Joes seen Vicki with one cock in her mouth and one up her cunt her breasts
uncovered and her skirt up like a wide belt before he went into the toilets
with Ed.In the toilets was the young guy who lived next door to the old guy he
looked at Joe and his eyes nearly popped out of his head.
Ed got his cock out pulled Joe to him and kissed him while Joe wanked his
Ed`s cock the lad waited no time slipped his hand up Joes skirt and felt his
stiff cock.
He said "wow i really took you were a bitch you look so hot wait till Dan
the old Handjob young guy see`s you he will flip".
He wont be long he's just took Carl for a walk Ed new who Carl was and could
not wait till he could see the look on Joes face.
When he found out he was a dog the lad kept his hand up Joes skirt playing
with his hard cock then fingering his arse hole.Ed ask the lad how long he had been going with Dan the young lad told him.
"I was 12 the first time i sucked his cock but that was sexy younger just the beginning".
Ed in between kissing joe ask " so he been fucking you ever since and what
about Carl you suck him and he fuck you".
"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMo yes it was Dan`s wife young naked xxx who had freepicsveryyoungkidsfuck me first go with Carl he
fucks us both and so dose Dan" he worked his fingers up further into Joe`s
It was then Dan walked into the toilets with Carl close to his heel`s Ed
introduced Joe then Dan and Carl.
By this time the lad was on his knees sucking on Joes cock Dan walked over
to Joe "as any one fucked this slut yet".
Joes still wanking Ed`s cock and having his sucked by the boy gave a girly
giggle as he liked being called a slut.
Joe "no sir no one has had me yet and i need to be fucked real bad".
Dan "good me and Carl need a new arse to fuck and nude young teeny yours is real sweet no
suck Ed`s cock off so me and Carl can have you".Joe " you mean the dog will fuck me but".
Dan " no but`s faggot Ed said you would be mine and Carl gets to fuck my
bitches as much as i do".
Dan looking down at the boy sucking Joes cock "rim his hole boy get him nice
and hot for my cock and ill let you clean him out afterwards".
Boy was all he was known as done what he was told and loved it he spread
Joes arse cheeks and drove his tongue young lust porn as far up as he could licking around
the inside.
By this time Ed`s cock was spuwing spunk it went on Joes hand young girls suck leg and stiff
cock Dan watching Ed spunk said"suck him clean bitch never leave a cock
joe bent over taking Ed`s softening cock into his mouth and started to suck
him clean as he bent over it made his arse stick out.
Dan reached out and felt his arse cheeks making a gurgling sound as if to
say nice hot arse slut he then took his cock out.
Stepping up behind Joe moving the sexy younger boy as he did he said" give Carl a suck
get him ready for our petite young binaries new bitch boy".As the boy got down and rolled the dog on its youngest sex angels back taking its cock in his
mouth Dan had Joe bent over driving his thick cock up his arse hole.
Ed`s cock started to thicken and stiffen again he then started taking
pictures on his phone of Joe loving the cock up his arse.
When Ed had phoned Dan he told him he wanted some pictures of Joe but would
not show anyone else's face.
Dan said "as long as they are for your own use you can show the boy with the
Carl but would love to see that cock hungry bitch of yours with him".
Ed "mmmmm me as well bet she would love to be tied by Carl".
Dan as he rode his new bitch looked at Ed then said "looks as if the dog
turns you on get down and have a suck of his juicy cock".
Ed just looked then gave Joe a long deep kiss then got down with the boy he
noticed that the boy had hold of Carl's cock behind his knot.
It was a good 2 inches then a knot of a the size of a large plumb then a
thick red big veined cock of at least 10 inches.
Dan "i told you he was a big fucker wait till you taste it".Ed bent forward opening his mouth wide and took as much of Carl's cock into
his mouth as possible closing his lips tight.
He then sucked tasting the precum mixed with piss that dogs release all the
time he is hard Ed gave a low moan as he started bobbing his head up and
down on the cock.
Dan gave a great shove of his cock up Joes hole then emptied his load of
spunk up his arse Joe pushed back to get his cock even deeper up his hole.
When Dan pulled his softening cock from Joes arse he told him to kneel and
suck his cock clean as he did Dan told him to get on all fours.
Joe was shaking with fear and anticipation at Carl mounting him as he was on
all fours Dan told Ed to let him up.
No sooner had Ed let his cock lose from his mouth Carl was up and mounted
Joe As his large cock prodded at Joes hole.
The boy help Carl by holding his cock to Joes arse hole Carl drove his cock
up with out even waiting for the boy to let lose.
Its cock drove deep into Joes arse so much it made him gasp then moan young girls vid out
loud as it started to fuck him hard and fast.Carl held him tight with his paws then Carl drove his big thick cock so deep
his knot forced into joe making him scream and nearly pass out.
Carl held him with its front paws around his waist just giving little
jabbing movements Joe was moaning at first with shock then with pleasure.
Dan said "that's it he's now Carl's and my bitch but it will be a while
before Carl lets him go he's tied to him so if any one wants to fuck his
face now the time".
Ed naked from the waist down and his cock real young incest rock hard had taken a few pictures
of Joe with Carl and now he wanted his cock sucked.
He handed Dan his phone and started to fuck Joes willing mouth while Carl
was tied to him the boy had gone out side to see Vicki.
It was a good twenty minuets before Carl released Joe who had sucked Ed off
at the same time while Dan took pictures.
Out side Vicki was sat in youngest sex angels the corner of the shelter one lad with his cock up
her well used cunt while 2 stood ether side of her her.
While she sucked one she wanked the other then would swap around her face
bare tits belly and cunt were covered in spunk.The lad wasted no time when the lad fucking her cunt shot his load then left
her he got between her open legs and drove his cock up her twat.
The 2 lad stood on the seat next to her had spunked over her face and in her
mouth as her rode her shaved well young llli nudist
fucked cunt he was licking the spunk from
He was joined by the lad who had fucked both her and Ed by there car they
both licked young nympho girls the spunk from her whole body.
then as he fucked her he got a shock as the other lad got behind him and
rimed his hole that's how Ed Joe and Dan found them when they came out of
the toilets.
Joes make up and cloths were a mess but so was Vicki's Dan walked over to
Vicki as he felt her tits he said " ill have to have you your one hell of a
cock slut i hope amsterdams young nudes your as good as this one".
As he spoke he put his arm around Joe and kissed him on the mouth Joe
responded by kissing him back hard.
Vicki smiled at Joe and ask "have you enjoyed yourself".
joe " it was great the best i did not expect anything like it im Dan's fuck
slut now Ed has given me to him".Vicki "are you ok with Handjob young that".
Joe "over the moon i love what he has shown me tonight".
By this time both boys had shot there loads and Dan told the boy it was time
to go the other lad cleaned Vicki's cunt out with his mouth then said "he
would have to go home as his step dad would be looking for him".
Vicki "sounds like you youngest sex angels
have fun with him do you and him have fun together".
Boy "well yes ever since he moved in with mum and me".
Vicki still nearly naked wrote her he mail address down and told him to
e.mail her they could talk.Before he left shoved 2 fingers up her cunt then
walked away sucking the cunt juice of them.
Before she made herself decent Dan had a good grope of her naked body and
she gave his cock a sucking.
As they drove home Joe and Vicki sat in the back of the car again but this
time he had her laid on the seat and was eating her cunt and arse hole.
Back home Joe fucked her while Ed fucked his arse hole then they all
showered Joe dressed but did not want to leave.
Vicki told him he could come and fuck with them anytime he wanted and he
would meet others Ed and Vicki were still naked as they set Joe to the door.
That night they both fell asleep right away but Vicki got her but plug up
her arse and pumped it up till she felt it would split her in

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